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Anurag, 30 years old Lyon, France

Salut/Hello everyone !
My name is Anurag, and I am from India. I moved in this amazing city, Lyon (Villeurbanne), a few months back.

I am always curious about new things, especially when it comes to the culture and people. I like to learn about them. Moving here from India is a big adventure for me, and I am still catching up with the food and the new rituals of life with a lot of excitment.
I am crazy about cooking and organizing events & meetups. Although I spent my early career in the software industry, I am now trying to get my hands on becoming a chef or an event organizer.

I also have other interests like personal growth, spirituality, music, buddhism, fashion, socializing, etc.

I would be happy to help you wherever I can, shoot if you have any questions.
See you (à plus), cheers !!

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Availability from 4 to 5 hours a day
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